• Parents / guardians should see that their wards adhere to the school rules.

  • Parents/ Guardians can be helpful to the staff by ensuring the regularity/ punctuality and discipline of their wards. They can also help by seeing that their wards do the home work assigned to them. They are requested to check the diary every day for homework and for teacher’s comments

  • Parents / Guardians are not permitted to meet pupils or teachers during school hours or to go to and wait near classroom.

  • Terminal and midterm examination reports will be sent to the parents/ guardians regularly. They are expected to get from their wards the progress reports issued from time to time, scrutinise and return them to the class teacher with dated signature in it within three days of the issue from the school.

  • Whenever a child using the school vehicle is conveyed by other means, the principal must be informed.

  • No private tuition for any pupil will be arranged in the scool. Parents are requested to abstain form approaching the principal or teachers to arrange for private tuition for their wards.

  • If and when a child is selected to participate in a competition or any school programme, he/she must report for practice/ rehearsals regularly and should not abstain from the event without special permission of Principal.

  • Parents or others are not allowed to interview students or teachers during class hours without the sanction of the principal.

  • The change of address of students should be informed to the school authorities in due time.

  • Parents should attend the parents meeting whenever it is convened.

  • Parents are always welcome to school to check up the progress of their children in curricular and extra curricular activities. This visit will serve a lot to strengthen parent-teacher relationship, essential in education. But all should see that this may not cause any disturbance to the regular work of the class.

  • Creative suggession from parents are solicited.

  • No student is allowed to go home during the school hours except for extreme necessity and escorted by guardian or on producing proper letter from paent or guardian.

  • School year is divided in to two terms (Semesters)

  • Fee may be paid for one year, six months in advance or on or before. 15th May ,10th September, 10th January.

  • Fee should be paid on or before the 10th of every term with out fine and up to 11th with fine. Fee defaulters won’t be allowed to attend the class.

  • Parents are requested to make the payment of their children’s fee in time for the smooth running of the school.


  • No pupil shall be eligible unless he/ she puts in attendance of atleast 75 percent of the total number of working days in the academic year.

  • Application for leave of absence shall be submitted before hand. If this is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances leave should be applied for not later than the following day.

  • Application for sick leave involving more than four days shall be supported by medical certificate.

  • Pupils suffering from contagious infectious deseases are not allowed to attend the shool. When they report back to the school a certificate of medical fitness must be produced.

  • If a pupil is absent without permission for six working days consecutively at the beginning of the academic year, or fifteen days consecutively during the course of the acadamic year his/ her name shall be struck off from the roll.

  • Application for leave should normally be submitted to the class teacher concerned

  • In special circumstance an application for leave may be submitted directly to the Principal.